time management

Managing your time like a boss

Nowadays it seems like there are just never enough moments in the day, don’t you agree? I mean can you believe it is SEPTEMBER tomorrow! Time really does feel like it’s flying by. Often I can find myself getting overwhelmed by this notion, and become flustered over what still needs to be done or what hasn’t yet been done.

As a women who feels deeply I can also start to doubt my ability in these moments. I’ve caught myself saying that I don’t have the capacity. So I have started to implement tasks in my week that help me manage my time better, because I do have the capacity for it all.

time management

Tip 1: Write it all down in your diary

Every Monday I start my work day of with my diary. I put every appointment (day or night) into the diary. This way I get a hold on the week and feel far more relaxed about how much is going on.

Tip 2: Schedule

I’ve learnt this skill from the line of work I’m in (social media marketing) and it really does make the world of difference. What I mean by scheduling is that I have assigned different days to different tasks. On a Monday and Tuesday I do all my online scheduling and planning. Wednesdays are research days and Thursdays I blog away all day. This way I know that I probably shouldn’t accept or plan any morning meetings on a Monday/Tuesday and I can manage my weeks much better. To do lists overwhelm me so that is why I find spreading your agenda across your diary makes the week seem WAY more manageable.

Tip 3: Allow for spontaneity

I sought therapy after my dad passed away and during our sessions my psychologist focused on this ‘oh so important’ element of spontaneity. She encouraged me to allow space for spontaneity and I have adopted that idea into my business. I don’t fill up my diary, I leave space for life to happen. Even when my diary does get a bit full, I carve out time for spontaneous coffee shop trips, or an hour of worshipping. I have found that this space gives me greater clarity and actually I become way more productive. The more I try to control everything the less in control I feel. The irony!

Tip 4: Give it all to God

Really this should be the FIRST thing you do every day. Wake up, make a cup of tea or coffee, and give your time to God. I love the app First5 which is a daily devotional, and the whole idea of it is just that… give your first 5 to God. Often we put aside time with God thinking we don’t have enough hours in the day, but let me encourage you today. You will be beautifully surprised by what happens when you give your first moments of the day to God. More time? Yes, seriously. I have found that after spending time with God my mind is clearer and I get through so much more work then I would if I wake up and dive straight into my to do list. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Often I will sit in front of my computer and pray for the day ahead. If anyone was watching they may laugh but I believe that when we surrender our all to God He honours that. Give your workload to him daily and allow Him to make the extra time in your schedule.

Tip 5: Rest

Be real with yourself about what’s important and what’s not. Allow yourself moments and days of rest. A tea break can clear your thoughts and give you inspiration. It’s true! If you are feeling overwhelmed, stop, breathe, rest for a moment and allow the peace of God to fill you before you continue. Rest is necessary to avoid burnout. This day and age the busier you are the better, but there is a big difference between being busy and being hurried. Being busy when you’re managing your time is healthy, being busy when you haven’t managed your time well leads to hurry. Hurry is not a good place to be in, as most of the time you are so busy rushing to the next thing you actually don’t pay enough attention to the present task at hand.

These are just a few tips to think about, and my prayer is that even if you get around to doing one that you would notice a difference in your all-round productivity.

No matter what line of work you are in I want to encourage you to keep going! Keep dreaming!

You have been given a unique skill set, passion and purpose. Believe it and live that out!


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