Be kind to yourself

Maybe not today, but I bet there have been days that you have been a little too nasty to yourself. It could be snarky comments in your head as you get dressed in the morning, or maybe you aren’t happy with how you reacted to a situation, whatever it is we as women really do know how to be nasty to ourselves.

I recently came across this awesome blog called Sweatpants & Coffee and in reading one of her articles read this great ‘Note to Self’ that she highlighted.

self love

Self love is so important for us as women. The more kind we are to ourselves the more responsive our minds are to life and we can handle what comes our way with a much more positive mindset. So here are a few things you can do today to show yourself a little extra love.

Treat yourself
You know what puts a smile on your face. For me it’s going to a coffee shop for a flat white and a piece of cake. Take yourself to get your nails done, or for a massage. Go out for a meal or have a glass of wine. Whatever you need to treat yourself do it and show yourself you are worth it.

Express one thing you love about yourself
This is not an easy one but it is important. Every day remind yourself of something that is great about you! You can say it out loud in the mirror, you can tell you spouse the things you’re good at, or a close friend.Self love has a direct impact on the way your mind is wired. Your thoughts about yourself WILL impact your everyday mood, so the more loving thoughts you have about yourself the better you will feel.

Let yourself rest
Take a moment each day to sit down and rest. It’s ok to take a lunch break, it’s ok to chill before making dinner. SO what if the meal is late, you need a moment to rest. Allowing yourself this time creates a healthy boundary for yourself and those around you. It shows that you care about yourself too and you aren’t just a robot working all day for everyone else.

Don’t always say sorry
This is something I have battled with. I always say “sorry” when actually I shouldn’t. Now I’, not talking about the kind of sorry you should say after a fight or for breaking something or hurting someone. I’m talking about those undercover things that we take responsibility for that we really shouldn’t. So for example my husband puts a load of laundry in and at the end of the day it’s still in the washing machine waiting to be hung up. My go to when he comments on the laundry not hanging up is to say “I’m so sorry, I’ll do it now”. SINCE WHEN DID THIS BECOME MY RESPONSIBILITY? Why am I saying sorry. He put the laundry in, so why should I be the one to take it out. Yes I can take it out and hang it up but I should not feel sorry for not taking it out earlier. That’s just one example and I have made a concerted effort to catch my tongue before apologising for everything. If I don’t I will dig myself into a hole of unworthiness and self hate.

We are all about self love today. I’m not advocating for us to be selfish, but rather to care for our selves, because in reality if we are to function well in society we need a level of self confidence that only comes from God and our acceptance of who He has made us to be. We can’t all be the best at everything! We can’t, and that’s ok. You are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Today believe that truth and show your wonderful self a little love.

Lord I pray for all the women reading this today. God I pray that they would really believe your word where it says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Made by you God, the creator of all things. I pray that we would realise the full meaning of this Lord, because it is such a privilege to serve a creator with the lives He has made for us. God you love us so I pray we would learn to show ourselves love too. Thank you Lord that we can always turn to you for life lessons. In your name, Amen.


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